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At “Herstory,” our team is driven by a shared passion for celebrating and amplifying the power of the feminine in all its forms. Get to know the faces behind our mission, our book and our podcast, each contributing their unique skills, perspectives, and dedication to the cause.

Our Founder

Meet Anna Beerepoot

Anna Beerepoot is the visionary force behind “Herstory.” With a deep commitment to celebrating and elevating the feminine, Anna’s passion for the goddess, life, and love,  rewriting the narrative and uncovering hidden stories has been the driving force behind our mission.

“I am her.
Anna Beerepoot

My journey

Hello, my name is Anna. I am connected to the Divine Mother and Father, both poles within myself are united. From an early age I wondered why the Christian faith and other Western faiths did not have a Divine Mother. Intuitively I knew of the Great Mother as a symbol for Life, for the connection with the ‘All’. I felt related to that. But this Mother had no role within the Christian faith nor within our culture. There was Mary, holy virgin whose body and sexuality had been controlled, erased, disabled for centuries (photo:  the St Mary’s Chapel in Bavel, the Netherlands where I grew up). 

My longing for the Divine Mother led to a spiritual and emotional search for Love, for Source, for myself. It brought me to my own shadow or dark side, the holy virgin and whore within myself, a little hurt girl who longed for love. Sex was what I shared in relationships, not my own feelings and desires. Part of my story, is about women’s oppression, which symbolizes the oppression of my own unique womanhood. In my search for love, I worked hard but nothing really seemed to work out or come easily. Around me I saw friends who got married, had children and had a nice house. For me it was struggling with life. My first job was as a police inspector in Amsterdam. An amazing experience. Still, after a number of years as an employee, I wanted more freedom and as a starting entrepreneur I started with women’s empowerment. I wanted to make the world a better place and founded a platform femalefactor.nl to make women aware of their talents. 

After about a decade of pushing and pulling at life and struggling entrepreneurship, I could no longer afford my apartment. I borrowed money from friends and my sister and that’s how my debts arose. That turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I can still remember the moment I had to leave my house. I was in the car with a friend and the few things I had left. The beautiful sunflower from my balcony on my lap. Surviving and sustaining myself immediately slipped away from me, even though I had no income and no house anymore. In the years that followed, I traveled through the Netherlands and Europe and did volunteer work. Forced by my debts, I started to surrender more and more and trust in life.

All these years with low self esteem I told myself that life was not meant for me. I told myself that it was impossible, that I weren’t capable of it, that I made a mistake, that I failed… It made me shake off my fears, it made me love the whole life within myself, I didn’t lose my confidence, I didn’t give up and move on to become a new version of myself, mature, experienced. I have learned to face life’s challenges from the awareness of my inner strength…

A lot has changed in my life now the innocence, the smile and my enjoyment of life are back. I see the experience of living my shadow as a dark page in my life, yet it has also brought me a lot, loving myself and loving the world. Now I play my role of the mother goddess with passion. I hope you do the same with your role, as goddess, ego, painter, poet, king, lover, football player, kind, healer. You name it. It’s like that, otherwise it would have been😁 different

Life is a mystery that unfolds it’s being and it’s story to each of us in a different way at the right time

The Heart of “Herstory”

The heart of “Herstory” is you, the empowerd feminine. The empowered feminine is not the wo/man who has it all figured out. She is the wo/man who steps into uncertainty and dances with the mystery.

“Be present to mystery,” someone said to me once.  In reference to my human need to know what Godess’s up to in my life and to be in control.  But being present to mystery means letting go of all of that and just being present to her/him. Those words captivate me.  The unknown is scary.  But Godess’s mystery is tingling with aliveness that is far, far beyond anything I could possibly imagine or expect just flowing into my heart.

This painting captures my own inner storminess, and what happens when the light of the Holy Spirit interacts with it. It doesn’t have to become something it’s not to be beautiful. The mist speaks of mystery, and the light piercing through the storm is such a beautiful fruit of being present to mystery. 

Art Maria Lang. 

The Driving Force Behind “Herstory”

Our Dedicated Team

Our team is the heartbeat of our mission, with a sense of belonging and wonder, helping to rewrite the narrative and uncover the hidden stories of wo/men throughout history and our daily lives.

Philip Salazar

Researcher and Historian

Historian uncovering the hidden stories of women in history.

Andrea Westin

Creative Director

Artist visually capturing feminine beauty and strength in our content.

Jonathan Aspen

Social Media Manager

Shares empowering content across social platforms.

Sarah Johnson

Community Engagement

Encouraging readers to share their stories.

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