Infinite Love


This is about your divinity, this love is your essence. You don’t have to go anywhere to find peace or love because you already are love. You already live in it. The simplicity & magic of ‘everything is love’ is that it is what it is. 

Being Love


Wear love
like a cloak,
and it will feed
every corner of your life.

Everything in life is only about you because there is no one else but God(dess). Thinking easily creates boundaries, certain frameworks into which everything fits. Experience the space that existed before all the problems arose. That space is still there. You are still that space. Dare to heal the division within yourself and recognize the unity in and around you again.

Elizabeth Catlett, American (1915-2012)
Woman Fixing Her Hair, 1993
mahogany and opals
68.6 x 45.7 x 33 cm, 27 x 18 x 13 in.
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Be one - as life, the one thing you may fix is your hair

‘Being love’ sees everything as an expression of her pure love. That it is just right the way it is. All the right and all the wrong. It is being at peace, in the midst of all the stories. For ‘being love’, life is a connected whole and the entire planet is one home of which all living things are a part. This love is sustaining and abundant. We don’t have to go it alone in life. You are embedded in a larger story in which you are cared for and there is enough for everyone.

Our thinking lacks the wisdom of the whole and can therefore only heal your problems and not know your wholeness. You can think yourself imperfect, but you can never be it. ‘All is Love’ sets no conditions. What we call hatred, fear or unrest is also an expression of love, of silent perfection.

Unconditional acceptance
Our silent essence loves everything, the whole richness of who we are. Every thought and every feeling. In me, in life, there is room for everything. The unconditional love of ‘the all’, which we are, embraces every experience without judgment. The innumerable truths that exist and that can coexist. Conditionality is also part of this unconditional love because otherwise ‘feeling love‘ ends up in your shadow. I see your pain. I see your strengths. I see you and accept everything I see, even what I don’t like, even what is different from my beliefs.

1 In January Imbolc is near. The first of February welcomes the light in midwinter
2 The ugly Ducklin
3 Four sisters, four friends – lovely pebble art by @janesteven

Credit by Gerry Toevank

Did the rose
Ever open its heart
And give to this world
All its
It felt the encouragement of light
Against its Being.
We all remain
― Hafez 

'Becoming' doesn't have to be done by our ego

All ‘becoming’ is present in ‘being’ and arises from it automatically at the right time. ‘Becoming’ does not have to be done from our ego. 

You cannot do change, growth or transformation. We don’t have to fix anything, there is nothing wrong with the way we are. A bare tree doesn’t think anything is wrong because it doesn’t have any leaves yet. He is guided by the seasons. He doesn’t think about the number of leaves, their size or where they should go. He is also not concerned with how long it takes for his fruits to ripen. Growth has its own impulse and the more we can give that growth space, the easier it will take place. This is very difficult for the doer in us. But change is a process of unfolding.

“The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential. It seems to be constantly in the process of change: Yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.”

~ Paulo Coelho ~

From the perspective of life, everything is like God and in perfect order. Beautiful how it fits together, which we can often only see afterwards. Allow yourself to let go of the expectations you have regarding the result. The divine plan unfolds in an unhurried manner as you go with the flow. The feminine path is ‘inside’. Don’t change anything in the form on the outside because this is only a reflection of the perspective on the inside. 

The invitation is to surrender, to flow with what is now. Discover what a magical journey it is by surrendering to the unknown and relaxing in reality as it unfolds before you without having to tinker with it. To reconcile with the limitations of your personal influence. To respect everything as an expression of life, the divine, manifesting itself. Summer surrenders without hesitation to the coming fall, knowing that nothing is wrong, nothing goes wrong. It’s just the movement of life, where seasons alternate, where day becomes night. It is not weakness to surrender to that which is, that which feels. Sometimes your day starts full of energy, sometimes full of sleep. Is there room in your life, just like in nature, for every season?

The world offers beautiful, creative, joyful, and magnificent possibilities just waiting to be revealed. And possibilities are our greatest ally, because – indeed – they make everything possible. Possibility means we don’t know what will happen in the next minute and we are all living on the wheel of the unknown. If you look at it this way, all the drama disappears. So now we can all relax because we are not busy searching. We are in the process of discovering. We ask life to reveal its purpose, rather than imposing our will and judgment on it. It is wonderful to be surprised by life, infinitely rich and inexplicable.


Goddess, or consciousness, is all

not only present in stillness but in every thougt and in every feeling

Be whole
Aren’t we all swans at heart, and yet we suffer from the thought of being an ugly duckling? We only suffer from being an ugly duckling when we think that it is ‘not good enough’, when we believe that a swan is better than an ugly duckling. Or we believe that a butterfly is better than a caterpillar, a rich man better than a poor man, the saint better than the whore, health better than disease, heaven better than earth. In love there is no magnifying or superlative degree. The first blade of grass in the garden is as great a revelation and as clear a proof and as grand a reference to the presence of God(dess) within us as the holiest book. The wholeness of our being is always
here, in this moment and not there. It is in the wholeness of whatever we think and whatever we feel.

Be whole and feel whole
Life is always perfect, but it doesn’t always feel perfect because of our shadow and primal wound. 
If you think: ‘how do I get my life back on track’? Welcome, nothing ever went wrong. By definition, things cannot be other than they are. The only thing you can do is concluding the sacred union within yourself: be whole and feel whole. Crime, hunger and war exist as an element of the perfection of life, but they show us the primal wound in ourselves (Societies out of Balance).  

‘Shadow’: being love embraces your shadow and thus connects you with the cosmos and with the ‘other’

‘Light’: feeling love allows you to live your light, your strength and thus connects you with yourself, your body (your feelings, desires, boundaries)

By uniting them, both poles become equal and then you feel your love and increase your power

The sacred union in life and the sacred union in your body

Just because you are always life does not mean that nothing has to be achieved and that you do not have to get rid of anything. What you don’t have to achieve is ‘being life’. After all, you are already That, the total life, love, perfect in your imperfection, every moment. Exactly as you intended. This is the sacred union in every moment.

What you can ‘achieve’ is the sacred union of the female and male energy in your body. Between your being and your feelings of love. This is your sexuality that arises from connecting with your shadow and therefore with all of life. 

The cycle of the moon has long been used for our time observation


Life/God(dess) is all there is and in all there is. In every cloud, mountain, tree, animal, person, wherever I go I encounter life as a pure expression of life. It is the nature of life to express itself so that it can know itself in its own experience. It is a pure, timeless and formless energy that resides within everything on the planet. The source of being makes my heart beat, my hair grow, my lungs breathe and the moon cycle in exactly 29,5 days. It is the silence, the calm center within yourself from where you observe, regardless of what you are presented with.


A Slice of the Moon (2024) – Watercolor with graphite and ink and gold leaf detailing. Artist: Jilly Henderson (Scotland – 1969)

She always wanted to love
To be love

And to be loved.
From the depths of her Being.

Not with force.

Not with manipulation.
Not with control
Not having to compete for it.
Nor having to beg for it.
Not having to bargain for it.

Nor having to lower herself
Nor to make more of herself

But to just be loved
For who and what she is.

So often people would tell her how beautiful she is
But then she did not want to be loved
For her outer beauty but for her INNER beauty,
For her SOUL.

She so prayed for the partner who would finally love her
Not just for sex
Not just for show
Not for any other reason

But that he wished to be with her-
Not to overshadow her
Not to use her for his own agendas
Not for anything else
But because with her
He found a nesting place
A true homecoming
For his heart and soul.

In this lifetime she was wiser
She had hopefully overcome so much
Of what tripped her up in other lifetimes
When she so often, without her consent,
Became a pawn in the games men played,
Where they did not honor the soul in her….

In so many lifetimes when she stood up for what she knew was truth
She paid the highest price for doing so
Yet, she could not have done any other.

In this lifetime that call for the highest truth
Is greater than the sum total of all of her.
She cannot live a lie
Nor can she lie to herself.

She is love.
She knows that she cannot hurt nor harm another
Without harming and hurting herself.

She is wise.
That wisdom has come over many lifetimes,
Even to those where she withdrew
And where she vowed not to return
Until such time as humankind would finally be ready
To have the balance restored
Between the Masculine and Feminine.

Yet she knows that first this has to be deep within herself,
For if she not balanced
She cannot project this balance and radiate it forth.

She is love
And loving does the inner work on herself,
Cleansing and clearing,
Releasing what no longer serves her highest soul growth and good.

She is love.
For she cannot be other than love.
And lovingly,
She serves.
Even if this means walking her path alone.
For in truth she is never lonely
But surrounded by angels, archangels, Ascended Masters
And whole cosmic hierarchy.Z

She is love.
She is nothing else but love.
And forever Love
Is true to itself.
And if her Belove
Finally finds the way home to her
He will find the waters of love
Washing over and within him.

For the Power of Love
Is greater than any other force
Yet needs to be steeped in Wisdom
For if one is wise
One will be given the keys and codes
To all of life
Loving and living.
She is love.~

~Judith Kusel


Nicolaas Van Der Waay (1855–1936)
An Amsterdam Orphan Girl Sewing

Stillness in every moment, here and now

Stillness is the ground nature of the mind, ungraspable, not an object or a thing, unblemished by any arising it is relaxed, open, undefended and welcoming to all arisings as they come and go. All manifestation, whether ‘good’ or ‘bad’ arises from this open ground nature and returns to it.

Nature exists in innocent stillness that is prior to the arising of thought. The tree, the flower, the bird, the rock are unaware of their own beauty and sacredness. When human beings become still, they go beyond thought. There is an added dimension of knowing, of awareness, in the stillness that is beyond thought. A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace. It also holds you. Stillness is where life is: Here and Now

To live in the moment is innocence, to live without the past is innocence, to live without conclusions is innocence, to function out of the state of not knowing is innocence. Past and future are two aspects of the same coin. The name of the coin is mind. There is no need to drop the whole coin only the mind in it because than the innocence returns. And when you drop the mind, you move into your heart. Moving into your heart, you get into alignment with the powers, you were born with.




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