In the heart of framedrumming


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Her Story

In the heart of framedrumming 

Midsummer, the feast of the goddess Anna
The feast that belongs to Anna is the feast of the summer solstice. It is celebrated on June 21 on the longest day of the year due to the richness of the earth and the power of the sun. According to tradition, mead, an alcoholic honey drink, is drunk. The celebration is accompanied by bonfires, a tribute to the sun. Herbs are thrown into the fire to ward off evil spirits.

On the night of 20 to 21 June, in Stonehenge, thousands of visitors (including Druids and Wiccans) gather at Stonehenge, a prehistoric stone circle monument in England, who want to attend the first sunrise after the solstice and thus welcome the summer sun.


“Jehanne always tried to connect her heroism with her heart. That’s why she’s a real Shero to me. “Dream your life and live your dreams,” her story seems to be calling out to us.”

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In het hart van framedrumming vertelt over de terugkeer van framedrumming in ons bewustzijn sinds het einde van de vorige eeuw. De framedrum is een van de oudstbekende ritueel muziekinstrumenten in de godinnenculturen van de mediterrane wereld. De geschiedenis van vrouwen in relatie tot hun muziek heeft me geïnspireerd. Waarom bespeelden priesteressen de drum bij tempelrituelen waarin de cyclische processen van de natuur werden bekrachtigd? Ik ontdekte dat wat mensen oorspronkelijk intuïtief of uit duizendjarenlange ervaring wisten over de transformatieve kracht van framedrumming in onze tijd wetenschappelijk kan worden bewezen.

Alles is trilling, wij zijn trilling. Muziek is trilling, de trilling van de ziel. Als je zelf speelt ervaar je al snel de invloed van de aanhoudende ritmen en de resonanties op lichaam en geest. Dan voel je hoe geraakt kunt worden door de klanken en dat na de laatste beat de sacrale stilte je heel diep naar binnen laat keren. Intussen hebben veel vrouwen zich de vaardigheid van het framedrummen eigen gemaakt en spelen zij voor plezier, introspectie, voor heling, rituelen en ceremoniën en schenken zij met de muziek schoonheid en harmonie aan zichzelf en aan de wereld om hen heen.

At the Heart of Frame Drumming tells of the return of frame drumming to our consciousness since the end of the last century. The frame drum is one of the oldest known ritual musical instruments in the goddess cultures of the Mediterranean world. The history of women in relation to their music has inspired me. Why did priestesses play the drum in temple rituals that reinforced the cyclical processes of nature?

I discovered that what people originally knew intuitively or from thousands of years of experience about the transformative power of frame drumming can be scientifically proven in our time. Everything is vibration, we are vibration. Music is vibration, the vibration of the soul. If you play yourself, you will soon experience the influence of the persistent rhythms and resonances on body and mind.

Then you feel how you can be touched by the sounds and that after the last beat the sacred silence makes you turn very deep inside. In the meantime, many women have mastered the skill of frame drumming and play for pleasure, introspection, for healing, rituals and ceremonies and give beauty and harmony to themselves and to the world around them with music.

Isabella Verbruggen

In 1998 I came into contact with the frame drum and my life took a turn. Almost at the same time, I received an invitation from a European Empowerment Project for Women to start my own business. Before that, I was a full-time mom and did a lot with Indian music. Based on this musical expertise, I was hired. However, when I graduated from the Entrepreneur Academy after two years, frame drumming had become a passion and I wrote my business plan based on the drum.

Since then I have been working as a freelancer and I have immersed myself in the world of the frame drum. I was very inspired by the workshops of Layne Redmond and Alessandra Belloni, among others, and I enjoyed following a Priestess Training from 2003 to 2005. Later, when I gave priestess training in collaboration with Priestess in 2007 and 2011, frame drumming was included. Over time, the book En de Drummers Waren Vrouwen has been translated and there have been performances with the music group Tympanistriae.

In collaboration I organized Music Trips to Egypt and this year to Etruscan Country in Italy. To date, I give courses, workshops and retreats in frame drumming. And all this time I am a mother of two daughters and two sons and there are now nine grandchildren and two angels around me.