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In this world we are mainly familiar with the male energy of contradictions, action and reason. That’s why in this podcast I take you on a journey to the heart of the divine feminine and her sexuality: being and feeling love, in innocence and with joy of life.

what does the ‘feminine’ have to add 

It’s a woman and man’s world

We explore our roots, ourselves, the changing world around us and life, love, or consciousness in general. In our thoughts, images, feelings, sensations and perceptions, we are slowly transforming individually and collectively from an unbalanced patriarchal world to a balanced human world. A balanced world is a world where both essences of life, the receiving feminine and the external, masculine energy are valued and equivalent. They work together instead of against each other, as endless complementary pairs like day and night, ebb and flow, doing and being, dark and light.

Life includes everything, both your senses and the universe or god(dess), which is one continuous process. The outer thing you see and the inner thing you are, are poles of the same magnet. There is nothing higher or more spiritual than getting out of bed in the morning, brushing your teeth, getting dressed, making tea, walking outside and breathing in the fresh morning air, or walking out into the rain. Every form of imbalance, such as stress, depression or war, also implicitly contains happiness, peace and balance. Life itself is always in balance.



Every other week I share experiences, stories and conversations. Do you want to discover yourself, life and the world, your femininity and masculinity, then I invite you to travel with me.

Central Questions:

to what extent is this man’s world becoming a woman’s and human world?

do we live in a world where both essences of life are valued? 

In this podcast I share my personal experiences as “the Mother” in a “Father-oriented” world. 

“The Mother” 

Western civilization, beginning with the ancient Greeks, has long been patriarchal. The more patriarchal or domination oriented a culture is, the more gender differences there are. In this podcast I share my personal experiences as ‘the Mother’. She’s the missing figure and energy in our consciousness, in our thinking and feeling, in an ‘Father’ oriented world. What are the consequences for individual women and men of a tradition with masculine superiority and feminine subordination. What patterns exist between them because of that, for instance about intimacy or sexual abuse? By embracing your counterparts, feminine or masculine traits, you feel your love and you increase your power. Yin (feminine) is also yang (masculine) and yang is also yin.

All is energy and the masculine energy and its world of matter has often been the norm. This is evident in the way we think the world is put together, the way we look at our human nature, in everything we organize, our religions, our education, our healthcare system, our languages, our politics and in our economy.

I talk with inspiring persons about all these subjects and visit relevant places. I will discuss the different levels of our reality: within time and space (masculine) and beyond time and space (feminine). Is life a journey, a pilgrimage which has a serious purpose at the end, and the thing is to get to that end—success or maybe heaven after you’re dead. Or is it more like a musical thing, spontaneous and you are supposed to sing or dance while the music is being played?

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