At “Herstory,” we understand the importance of amplifying wo/men’s voices. Through these stories, we aim to celebrate the diversity, resilience, and achievements of wo/men and the rise of ‘the feminine principle’, the Great Mother, while also highlighting the collective power of our shared experiences.

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About Us

Our Story

Our personal and collective story is that the feminine energy returns to earth, after thousands of years of being subordinate to the masculine energy. The feminine energy is about the cosmic web of life that connects each of us to all other life. As a result, the power of thought and decisiveness (masculine) will pass to the power of feeling and receptivity (feminine). Ultimately, it is the embrace of both, identity-focused thoughts versus non-judgmental perception, that brings us the greatest joy and a sense of wholeness.

So that both women and men become aware of their feminine and masculine energy. Man and woman will stand equally side by side under the influence of the feminine energy of being in order to be more open to their love and sexuality. By opening your heart, embracing your shadow, your pain, conditions, judgements, self-rejections, feelings of not being enough caused by thinking, you can start following your heart, live your light, your sexual longings, your beauty, that which drives you deeply, in innocence, clarity and with joy of life. Drop the story (of a lack of this or that) and feel the feelings (of what is happening right now). To form the bridge to the New Age, Societies in Balance. 

Our vision is simple yet profound: a vision to rewrite the prevailing cultural narrative, to create a space where we shed light, uncover and honor ‘the feminine principle’ in all of us alongside the masculine principle, where the hidden stories of wo/men that have been overshadowed for a long time are celebrated, where their contributions are acknowledged, and where their voices are amplified. Our inspiration comes from the countless wo/men who have made an impact on our lives and the world. 


Artwork by: Katarína Vavrová

Herstory does not replace his-story, our current national history is mainly told from a male and masculine point of view, but adds something; the female perspective. Because we have long lived in a culture with a one-sided emphasis on men and, by extension, on masculine values, it is precisely this female perspective that we can bring back into our consciousness and embrace. What would our world look like if we allowed its motherland values back into practice?

Celebrating the Power of the Feminine

The Feminine and the Masculine

‘Masculine’ and ‘feminine’ are two opposing and complementary primordial forces that we find in many great philosophies and cultures. A well-known example is yin and yang from Taoism. According to the ancient Chinese representation, the movement of all-encompassing nature (heaven, earth and everything that is and lives on them) is controlled by the forces of yin and yang. This also applies to humans. The interaction between these two gives life to everything and together they form the cycle of life. 

At “Herstory,” we know that that both poles of life are equally important. We experience them as opposites, but they belong inseparably to each other and together they form a whole, the Tao or Life. 

What is meant by “Herstory”? 

The word ‘Herstory’ refers to the subject of the book being,the feminine principle, no form, god(dess), soul or life, the feminine side of human nature and culture in women and men, female cultural heritage, feminine (yin) consciousness, images, stories, ceremonies, myths, fairy tales about the primeval mother, feminine values, mother earth, ‘the great mother’ and the feminine divine in all her manifestations. Since everything is energy, it mainly refers to the yin energy that both women and men possess.

3 x Herstory

The individual contributions stand on their own and each tell its own story (1st her-story). The stories are connected by the story ‘working title: love to be and to feel’ of our initiator (2nd her-story). Together, all contributions provide a picture of the richness and diversity of the female perspective on ourselves, our culture, present and history (3rd her-story). Together, they are also an invitation for women and men to take a different look at ourselves, our national culture and history. Who do we think we are, who are our heroes and what stories do we glorify as a society?


Sisterhood happens when women view each other as deep wells of support and inspiration — as teammates — instead of competitors.
Sisterhood happens between women who are secure enough to stop being afraid of each other; who do not feel that another woman’s different life choices are a judgment of her own choices.
Sisterhood happens when we become curious instead of defensive about our differences.
Sisterhood does not require the same beliefs or thoughts or political parties or churches.
Peace is not about becoming the same; it’s about becoming okay with being different.
There is so much untapped power in sisterhood.

( ✍️ Glennon Doyle )
Art : Iga Oliwiak

Women’s history

The position of women around 1800

Men and women had of course not known equal rights for centuries. Different roles in society were expected of both sexes, and this resulted in a separate legal position. That women were subordinate to men, even if their husbands’ property was considered at the level of cattle, was completely normal in 18th century Europe. A man could even sell his unwelcome wife at the market. Although people actually didn’t think that was really decent, so it didn’t happen much.

Digital Women’s Lexicon of the Netherlands: woman was ‘the other’

The fight for women’s suffrage

Towards the end of the 19th century, women in Britain fought fiercely for their right to vote to be recognised. Sometimes they even resorted to violence and ended up in prison. They did not achieve results until 1918.

Tjitse Hofman (1974)



Wat ik
het liefste
het aller

Ben jij
in je blote
in je onvergrote

Je onvergrote
blootste jij

Dat staat je
het mooiste
het aller

Het allerblootste
mooie blozende
bloot zo mooi
ben jij

(Uit: Ajaa. Passage – Foto: Egon Schiele ‘Lovers’. 1909)

No form and form 

We are no form
We feel and express

life in all its different forms

As a dance, a storm or an open window in France

Rodin, 1908, Paris.La Catedral.

Thunder Storm

Open window at Collioure. Henri Matisse 1910

Share Your Herstory

Sharing Empowering Tales

We believe that every woman and man has a unique and valuable story to tell. If you have a personal narrative, an achievement, or a message you’d like to share with our community, we invite you to contribute to our “Herstories” collection.

Jeanne D'Arc, a Shero

Embark on a journey exploring the sacred feminine in global cultures and religions, uncovering its pivotal role in shaping spirituality and societal norms.

Searching for the magic of the feminine

Delve into the lessons Mother Earth imparts, illustrating our intrinsic bond with nature and its cyclic rhythms, fostering a deeper ecological consciousness.

Herstory of Christianity

Celebrate historical women who defied conventions, their stories illuminating the path of courage and change, inspiring new generations.

If I am really myself, who am I?

Unravel the meanings behind ancient symbols of femininity, tracing their evolution and significance across various cultures and epochs.

In the heart of framedrumming

Encounter personal narratives that highlight the transformative power of the feminine spirit, echoing universal themes of endurance and hope.

The Role of Women in Mythology

Explore the impact of goddesses and mythical female figures, understanding how they’ve sculpted our perception of femininity and strength.

Embracing Feminine Energy

Investigate the influence of feminine energy in daily life, learning how its nurturing and intuitive qualities bring balance and harmony.

Feminine in Art and Literature

Appreciate the representation and celebration of femininity in diverse art forms and literature, recognizing its profound cultural impact.

Transition to Balance

Understand the shift from patriarchal dominance to a more equitable, holistic worldview, highlighting the need for gender balance in society.

Feminine Archetypes

Dive into the various archetypes of femininity in psychology, exploring their role in personal growth and identity formation.

Healing and Nurturing

Learn about the integral role of feminine principles in healing practices, emphasizing compassion, empathy, and growth.

Cultural Traditions and Celebrations

Explore global traditions and festivities that honor the feminine, showcasing cultural diversity and reverence for womanhood.

The Power of Motherhood

Reflect on the universal and diverse expressions of motherhood, understanding its profound impact on individuals and societies.

Women in Leadership

Highlight the unique approaches and impacts of female leaders across different sectors, underscoring their role in shaping progressive change.

The Feminine in Nature

Observe the embodiment of feminine principles in nature, learning life lessons from its resilience and adaptive strategies.

Gender Roles and Society

Discuss the evolution and transformation of gender roles, focusing on the journey toward more inclusive and equitable societies.

Spiritual Feminine Journeys

Follow narratives of spiritual quests centered around the feminine, emphasizing themes of enlightenment and inner growth.

Feminine and Masculine Harmony

Explore the synergy between feminine and masculine energies, understanding their crucial role in achieving personal and global equilibrium.

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