Larry Merculieff shares the wisdom from his ancestors.

‘About decades of masculine imbalance.
All the pain and suffering for 1000 of years from women born from our mothers, that is genetically in our bodies.This pain and suffering downloads in the fetus directly.
Inheriting the collective consciousness of women.
And you add your own suffering in this world with great imbalance to that.
Women now are called to restore their own centre of power.
Despite all the violence that have been done to women for thousand of years.
Women still hold the sacredness within their body.
In the womb.
All ancient teaching comes from the womb as the centre of the universe.
And the identical womb is in every woman.
The power of creation.
During the masculine imbalance we have forgotten that nothing new can be created without the sacred power of women and coming to the outer world from within.
Without the sacred feminine nothing is going to occur in this world.
Ceremonies of women can restore/ heal.’